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Developing a modern understanding of contemporary Muslim issues, through facilitating & promoting effective dialogue around them, that leads to individual empowerment and institutional reform.


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Centre for Studies of Arab & Muslim Issues (CSAMI)


Ramadan in the UK. Are you Muslim and living in the UK? Would you like to appear in a short video? Exploring what Ramadan means to you?  

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Bayan Pictures



Success Lab. Fame or contribution? Upbringing, hardwiring, first environment, values & believes. What makes the successful?

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Success21 Network (SN21)


Coming soon...

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Alrassid Altanweri - Arabic Magazine


Latest issue states “Present Arab” illiterate Letter or illiterate thought? Creating Holy Ignorance. The Elite & the Social Formation. Intellectual relationship with power.

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24 - 26 April

27th - 30th August

Success21 Network Board of Directors meeting was held in Amman /Jordan. Annual Network Meeting was held in Deadsea Jordan. Read more

3 meetings will be held in Tunis later this month, they are:

- SCW for Algeria & Libya.

- SCW Training Package Meeting.

- SN21 Board Meeting.



Iraq National Campaign - Coordinators’ Meeting

Istanbul August 2014



The International Forum for Islamic Dialogue organised a coordinators’ meeting for its Iraq national campaign during the 8th and 9th of august in Istanbul, turkey.


The 2 day meeting included 12 coordinators from each of the teams in Mosul, Karbala, Diyala, Basra, Babel, Baghdad and Dhi Qaar in addition to the national coordinators’ team from Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan.


In addition to sessions on how best to execute the national campaign, the meeting included discussions and plans which considered Iraq’s challenging security situation and how best to adapt logistics to reach those youth from compromised areas so as to avoid excluding them from the national campaign.Read more

08th - 09th  August

The International Forum for Islamic Dialogue held ToT for Iraqi participants in Istanbul - Turkey.  Click here