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What we do


Developing a modern understanding of contemporary Muslim issues, through facilitating & promoting effective dialogue around them, that leads to individual empowerment and institutional reform.


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Centre for Studies of Arab & Muslim Issues (CSAMI)


The Centre for Studies of Arab and Muslim Issues (CSAMI) is a policy and research unit within the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue. Conducting independent research, the center endeavors to provide a holistic and enriching angle on topics that encompass and affect the Arab and Muslim communities in the UK and Europe. 


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Bayan Pictures



Bayan Pictures produces enlightening, inspirational and educational video clips on a consistent basis in order to trigger thoughts in the viewers mind regarding current Islamic issues.






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Alrassid Altanweri - Arabic Magazine



The region's conflicts Disaster  of a nation or

a new societal formation?


- The Arab reality the repetitive failures

- Middle East...the last labour

- The problem of racism currently




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